diagrams of roundabouts to help you in between lessons


The red car is turning right and so indicates right on approach. Depending on the size of the roundabout and the amount of traffic decide on whether it’s best to use 2nd or 3rd gear. Enter the junction in the right hand lane. Continue round until you are in line with the 2nd exit, at which point indicate left, check the left door mirror and change over to the left lane. It’s always left to leave.

Slightly more complex

turning left

The green is taking the 2nd exit which in this instance is the road ahead. There is no indication on the approach and a left indicator used in line with the first exit

The red car is turning left and after doing the approach routine is indicating left and taking the first exit in the left hand lane.

Diagram explains how the design of a traffic circle, or roundabout, is meant to keep traffic flowing in a safe way. Sun Sentinel 2013

Double roundabouts

The red car is turning right at a double roundabout. it doesn’t actually leave the right hand lane until the 2nd exit on the 2nd roundabout where it checks left, indicates left and leaves the roundabout via the left hand lane.

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