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The Big Day … your first driving lesson

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Progress tracker There are some parts that have now been taken out of the test. However this is just so they can focus on the most important parts of safe driving in the allotted time slot. More over driving examiners have a huge decision to make within a short space of time. In many cases they are sitting next to a very young person/child who is still living with parents. I’m not sure I would want to decide whether to put someone’s child on the road without supervision. Remember they only have 40 mins to that in.

it takes time
Are intensive courses effective?

Learning something this important takes time and effort. Not to mention money. If you look to the long term though it’s not expensive. A licence to drive a car is no different to a licence for a gun. The person in charge is responsible for something that is capable of killing at relatively low speeds. Why would it be easy? Why should it be easy?

it is not a right it’s a privilege. Many feel that the freedom it offers you is a “right” and of course freedom is a right but the privilege to use a vehicle to exercise that freedom is the point. Some are ready for that at the age of 17 and some not. So before you blame the examiner for a negative decision just take a deep breath and ask yourself why? he has made that decision. There is always a good reason for it.

it's never just for the hell of it

never listen to the stories about statistics being the reason for failing a certain number of people. Another one of my favorites is ” they always fail more on a friday morning !” that’s rubbish. If you are ready to drive on the roads on your own then that full licence will be yours whichever day of the week it happens to be. Driving examiners are human and they have families just like the rest of us. They also have the right to be treated with respect and not verbally or any kind of abuse for that matter!

when applying the handbrake

Try not to skimp on the number of lessons or amount of practice before you take your test. This means you are far more likely to pass the first time around. If you fail the first attempt you will only be joining the other 1/2 of the population that have to take a few more lessons and then have another go. Maybe think about making sure you are ready the first time.