gyratory systems

One way streets and gyratory systems .. basically roundabouts are a gyratory junction. The traffic gyrates round in one direction. If you are driving in Manchester, the gyratory systems are everywhere. If you looked at them from above they are just huge roundabouts.

The idea being that if the traffic is all going in one direction it’s easier to keep it moving. It’s important to point out at this point that it is supposed to make it safer. There are many different types of one way systems and junctions . Ring roads in towns, one way streets, roundabouts , large multi lane, multi exit gyratory junctions. The theory goes that everyone gives way to the right hand side and merge with the traffic. With the roads getting more and more congested it’s to stop the traffic stopping at every junction and queueing. Traffic lights are becoming less and less common.

keeping the traffic flowing

One way streets and gyratory systems …

Many learner drivers find roundabouts quite daunting at first because it’s moving difficult to assess safety to emerge when you are possibly still moving towards the roundabout and trying to control your speed and decide whether a possibly busy roundabout with moving traffic is safe to merge on to. However, once you have got some practice and confidence , they are actually easier than normal junctions . The trick is timing on the approach and accurate adjustment of your speed so that you arrive at the roundabout at the time when there is a gap in the traffic already on the roundabout.

turning left

Decisions have to be made when your car and other traffic is moving and so several thoughts are going through your mind at the same time. This unfortunately adds to the anxiety and completely normal. High anxiety and thoughts becoming overwhelming causes a surge of adrenaline and this clouds the rational part of the brain. We go in to “flight or fight ” mode at that point , which either makes us speed up in order to get past the situation as quickly as possible. Or we go into fight mode and we slam the brakes on. Neither is a good choice.

One way streets are generally the next side road on from a No Entry. If you are turning right into a one way then we should turn in on the right hand side of the road we are turning into instead of the left . This allows any traffic that maybe turning into the same to join at the same time. If you need to turn right at the end then stay in the right hand side of the one way road and emerge from the end of the road. Obviously when it is safe to. Making sure that if you are rejoining two way traffic , you join it on the correct side.