Left and Right Reverse

Reversing into a side road to the left or right is no longer a requirement for passing the driving test, however it is a good idea to still learn how to do this safely.  

 It’s good for car control skills, enabling you to turn the vehicle around using a side road on the left or right hand side of the road.

Always use a safe location that is quiet and has a good visibility in both directions. As you drive past the road you intend to reverse into, look into it to see if there are any parked vehicles close to the end of the road.

Drive past the side road you intend to use showing a left signal and slowing right down as you steer closer to the kerbs. Scrapping the kerbs will damage the wheels and tyres. Worse than that if you are travelling too fast and mount the kerb/ pavement, it could be very dangerous to any pedestrians that maybe on the pavement.

Stop just past the junction and make sure you look around you to make sure it is safe to proceed. 

Reverse back slowly until the corner disappears from view, or the back wheel is level with the corner. When doing a right hand reverse you will be able to see the kerb on your right hand side and therefore it’s a little easier, however make sure you keep observation going round to the left. When reversing on either side it is important to observe all around when steering around the corner and the bonnet swings out into the road. When you are reversing in any situation, the other traffic has priority and you must give them the chance to pass you if they can. Some may wait for you finish in which case continue but you must give them priority.