Common reasons for failing the driving test

Left and Right reverse is no longer a requirement for passing the driving test. However it is a good idea to still learn how to do this safely.

Being able to carry out various exercises with car with help greatly with improving car control skills. Enabling you to turn the car around by reversing the car in to a side road from the left or right hand side. Make sure you find somewhere safe to carry out your reverse. Similarly it’s important to make effective observation once you have found somewhere and you want to pull up.

On seeing a road on the left or right that is safe to carry out the reverse, drive past the road and pull up next to the kerb. The location should be quiet. Not on a main road. It’s important as you drive past the road to look into it and make sure it is clear of obstructions. This only needs to be clear far enough back for you to reverse clear into the road.

Left and Right reverse

Drive past the side road you intend to use showing a left signal and slowing right down as you steer closer to the kerbs . Scrapping the kerbs will damage the wheels and the tyres. Worse that that, if you are travelling too fast and mount the pavement, it could be very dangerous to any pedestrians that maybe on the pavement.

Stop just past the junction and make sure you look around you to make sure it is safe to proceed.

left and right reverse
Reading the road

Reverse back slowly until the corner disappears from vow, or the back wheel is level with the corner. When doing a right hand reverse you will be able to see the pavement on the right hand side. Therefore it is a little easier to see what you’re doing on this side of the road. Similarly though it is still important to make sure you are still looking around to the left.

When reversing on either side of the road it is important to observe all around when steering around the corner and the bonnet swings out into the road. When you are reversing in any situation , the other traffic has priority, meaning you have to give them priority.

reversing cameras
Reversing Cameras and alarms

With the Freewheel car, we are lucky enough to have a camera and a reversing alarm. The alarm sensors are located in the rear bumper and the camera just above the number plate. These driver aids are great but can make the driver a bit lazy. They are great for accuracy. Also to see anything at the rear of the car that you may miss with normal observation. It’s important not to get too reliant on them in case you drive a car that doesn’t have them.

left and right reverse.

So even though you no longer have to show this in a driving test, there may be times when you need to be able to turn your car around without causing problems. Either to other road users, pedestrians or your car.

It doesn’t take long to long and only requires practice.