Covid and the driving profession

It’s been a strange summer. After a very busy and “different” summer back on the road. Covid has brought changes to the industry that personally I don’t think will revert back.

Was the pandemic a convenient excuse?

It seems that many of the changes brought in were being talked over anyway. Not running a whole test after serious faults are committed is a subject debated before. Many a time we have all sat in the test centers debating whether there is any point continuing after a serious fault is committed. Surely once you are in the car then you are open to covid anyway . So is staying there for less time any safer than running the entire test. Some say there is no point and they should come straight back. While others feel that you have paid £62 for the benefit of your driving being assessed by the examiner.

it's never just for the hell of it

If as the DVSA likes to remind us ADI’s at every opportunity, the examiner’s assessment is everything ? why shouldn’t the pupil and ADI benefit from such wisdom even when the pupil has failed. Whilst we all understand the risks with Covid and being shut in a car. Precautions are taken to make sure the car is clean and safe as possible. Pupils short changed ? Furthermore if the DVSA wants to make the working conditions safer for their employees, stop tests in pupil’s own cars.

Should the public have to use a dual controlled car?

If you were a examiner, would you want to get into a normal car with a person you have never met before ? Me neither! Much higher risks than catching covid were already being forced on their staff. How about making it safer for examiners with only using ADI’s cars for test? Coupled with the point we have to keep our cars clean and wiped down, comes the reassurance that at least a certain level of competence. In light of the current back log more examiners are being sought. However just like all public sector workers it may help if the profession was more attractive to people.

It’s been a strange summer

With the introduction of early morning tests starting at 7.30am is this another nail in the coffin ? fair? not really. In the winter we run the risk of even more being cancelled for bad weather. Poor light is another factor. How many tests can be safely conducted in one day? More examiners is the only answer. Lorry drivers and the like are only allowed to drive a few hours without a break. ADI’s, examiners and learner drivers are allowed to drive and concentrate for hours on end without a break.

Test nerves and the pressure of being on the road solo these days seems to be the same. Lockdowns and the pandemic seem have affected attitudes on the road. Bringing the best out in some and the worst in others. Nothing in between. many seem to be angry and resentful and these is playing out in the driving of many. In light of everything we seem to be teaching people how to “survive” the road rather than teaching driving as a life skill or art.


Are the roads too crowded already?

Although there is the natural cycle of those leaving the roads and those joining it. Are the roads still overcrowded.? Territorial behavior is becoming more and more common. It’s been a strange summer our there on the roads this summer that’s for sure.