How are driving instructors tested?

How are driving instructors tested. Not much is known by the general public about the way ADI’s are tested and how we qualify in the first place. Although the system has changed a few times. More importantly there isn’t enough media coverage of what matters. Placing more emphasis on how driving instructors are regulated would go a long way.

So what’s stopping them?

it's never just for the hell of it
Supervising learner drivers

Reading about what people have to do to become a driving instructor is not the most exciting read. However it would help the general public to understand that we don’t just sit there all day giving instructions. First there’s a theory that is twice as long as the Learner equivalent. ” so it should be ” I hear you cry and you are absolutely right. Considering that is the easy bit , please read on. Next comes the Part 2 test of our driving skills. The bar for a Learner driver in the practical test is 15 driver faults. For us it’s 6. Time for an L driver in the practical test is 37/40 mins. For us it’s an hour.

How are driving instructors tested


On the road to qualifying the third part is the test of instructional ability. Whereby the examiner ( which is a few pay grades above ) behaves like a learner drive. It’s the role of the trainee to teach the examiner a lesson chosen by the examiner prior to the test. There is the option in between Parts 2 and 3 to have a trainee instructor’s licence. Enabling you to teach learner drivers for money. You must be under the supervision of a qualified instructor for the duration of the licence. This gives you the option of practicing with real learners and earning at the same time. If you choose this option you must pass the Part 3 exam within 6 months.

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