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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available at the weekends?

Yes, with arrangement I am available any day of the week.

What areas do you cover?

Freewheel driving school can cover everywhere from Eastbourne to Rye and everywhere in between including Hastings and surrounding areas.

What car will my test be in?

You are welcome to use my car during your test, in fact, it is better for you to use my car as this is the car you have done your lessons in.

How many lessons will I need?

It is difficult to say how many lessons you will need, on average people need around 35/40 hours of lessons to pass first time.

What is your pass rate?

Instructors don’t have individual pass rates published. The pass rate is national and stays the same! We are graded A OR B.

I am grade-A

How are we graded?

Every so often we have to take standards checks and the score dictates your grade.

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