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Many people fail driving tests. It is easily one of the most talked about events in life. Nevertheless, if you want to drive on the roads unaccompanied then it’s unavoidable. But why do we put so much importance on it, more over, why do we get so defensive over any mistakes or failings when it comes to our driving skills. It is thought to be one of the most stressful events you can go through next to divorce, moving house.

The current covid crisis has made taking the test even more stressful. Of course there is nothing that can be done about the global situation, however we can do something about our overall attitude and mindset. I have noticed that candidates have been putting even more pressure on themselves to pass. This is since lockdown gave us a huge back log of tests. So many were cancelled and put off for months. In light of this, some feel it’s a “now or in 6 months time ” kind of situation.…

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The whole purpose of a practical driving test is to asses whether you are ready to go out on the roads without any supervision. It lasts around 40 mins and contains a varied route of different road types and junctions. More over it’s designed to show your level of skills over a ranges of different road and traffic conditions. It’s true that there is a basic guideline that the examiners follow in order to asses and log any faults you may commit during that 40 minutes. It’s important to understand that this is not a judgement, but an assessment of your ability to remain calm and in control during most situations on the road.


Try to maintain a positive attitude. If you make a mistake just stay calm and don’t make it worse by going into panic mode. You may be surprised to know that as long as you are able to put your minor mistakes right, you should be ok. Whatever you do don’t tell everyone and the woman next door you are taking it. As a result of that you put unnecessary pressure on yourself to pass. The next thing to remember is that the examiner is a normal person. They go home to families at night and do all the things the rest of us do. |Cut them some slack and don’t listen to friends that have failed. People rarely understand exactly why they failed and it’s never down to them. It’s either the examiner being unfair or the instructor.

stress free zone


Make sure you get a good nights sleep the night before. Being tired is not going to help .

Get everything you need for the test ready the night before. There’s nothing worse than rushing around looking for your license an hour before you are due to leave for the test centre.

Make the 24 hours before the test as stress free as possible. Eat before the test.

There are many different ways of helping concentration whilst on the drive. If, like me the nerves go to your stomach, anything containing ginger is very good for any nasty nausea and vomiting type reactions.

Wear something comfortable.

For severe nerves, why not try, hypnotherapy or meditation

Anxiety for Driving

Above is the link to my other website with lots of tips on meditation and staying calm. That is the key. Maybe think about a hypnotherapy session to help with the rush of panic that can suddenly set in when you are 5 minutes from the test center.