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I qualified to be an Approved Driving Instructor aged 24, in July 1994. I was asked at the age of 12 what I wanted to do when I grew up. My reply was “ to run my own driving school” . Very strange that a 12 year old would know what they wanted to do and how many 12 year olds want to be driving instructors?!

At 17 I learnt to drive and passed the driving test at 18. My driving instructor asked me as he dropped me off after my test, what I would do now.  “ I want to teach” was my reply. We parted on the agreement that after the statutory 4 years with a clean licence, I would go and find him. Four years later I turned up on his doorstep with the expectation of being trained to teach.

That’s where it started. As a trainee with the “Supreme School of Motoring “. Started my own school in 1996, which grew to a franchise of 5 cars by 2006. I am an ‘A’ grade instructor now with 27 years experience behind me.  The roads and the way we drive has changed so much but the feeling of achievement and freedom with independence remains the same. Your life changes forever once you gain a full driving licence…. So why not give it a go


27 Years Experience




DVSA Qualified

Freewheel Driving School


Great teacher and easy to learn from, thank you for helping me to pass the first time. Off to go buy my car now 🙂

The car was easy to learn in, very clean and comfortable. All in all 10 out of 10 to Sally.

Terry cow

I’m so glad that I choose Freewheel Driving School. From start to finish everything was perfect and just as you would expect from a driving school.

Brad Walton

Learning car

Peugeot 208

Whilst taking your lessons with Freewheel Driving School we will use my Peugeot 208 on a 66 plate. The Peugeot 208 is the perfect car for learning due to its stylish look, small compact design and easy handling controls.




Easy to learn in


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