7.30am practical tests?? Really ?

7.30am practical tests?? Really? Are 7.30am tests the best idea DVSA have had? Personally mornings are not my strong suit.

Is the 7.30am test a good idea?

Over tired examiners and ADI’s having to pick pupils up at 6.30am. Recipe for more stress all round. Should there be a limit to how many tests one examiner can conduct in a day? From my side of the fence there should be a limit to how many lessons we teach in a day and how long those lessons should be.

It’s been a strange summer.

7.30am practical tests?? Really ?

Potential issues with adding more tests that an individual examiner can carry out in a day are many. Is it true also that it is only being done because the public won’t tolerate the wait for a test? Lack of people wanting to train and become examiners? not surprising when you look at what is involved. They have to make a decision whether to allow someone on the roads unsupervised in just 40 mins. Not only that but they could be in a car that is not dual controlled with a learner driver that has not had any professional lessons. Not easy.

Pressure on all sides

With waiting times for practical tests at an all time high the pressure is on for the first time pass. In light of the current waiting times for tests at all test centers it’s difficult to over come the nerves. Coupled with many feeling the financial squeeze when it comes to booking another test, more lessons and possibly time off work. For many passing their driving test is the passport to a job. All these pressures add up and are adding to more stress than usual when it comes to the big day. Turning something that used to just be important to a massive event. So how can we help them get around the stress and test nerves?