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Peugeot 208


27 Years Teaching Experience


1381 Students Passed


Eastbourne, Hastings, Rye and all inbetween


Lessons to Suit You

Teaching 7 days a week

I’m willing to teach you on the day and time that suits you. I can teach you any day of the week.


First steps

You’re almost there, changing your life forever by getting your driving licence. I will help you to create good driving habits. These are the habits that will make your driving test easier. 

Online Lesson Plans

My online lesson planning will help you into a smooth transition into your lessons along with your final test.


Traffic School

Your first lesson will be driving in a quiet area, this way you can concentrate and not worry about other vehicles around you.

Adaptive Driving

Over the course of your lessons you will learn adaptive driving skills that you’ll need not only for your test but for future driving.

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Approved Courses For Learning to Drive

Driving lessons with an experienced instructor. Many different courses available: be it by the hour, by the day or by the week.


Courses to Suit You


Perfect Learning Car


Patient and caring

Our Courses

Our courses are designed to fit your needs, whether it be an hourly lesson, 2-hour lessons or an intensive course.

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Hourly lessons

During your hourly lessons and depending on your skill level we shall practice driving, different manoeuvers including reversing, bay parking, parallel parking and driving with care and attention.   



2 Hour lessons

During a 2 hour lesson, we shall continue to practice different types of parking as well as going for a longer drive with greater distance, sometimes heading onto dual carriage ways.



10 hours of lessons

If you book a block of 10 lessons you will receive a great starter discount. Booking a block of 10 lessons means you can decide how you want to take the lessons, 5 2-hour lessons or 10 1-hour lessons. We work around your requirements.



Intensive Course 40 hours

The intensive course is perfect for passing your test quickly, you can spread the hours to suit you. The benefits of our intensive course is it also includes one attempt at the practical test. 

This is the perfect gift for yourself or perhaps as a 17th birthday gift.



Fast, Convenient, Safe

No need to take extra lessons, once you’re ready we will put you straight in for your test. 

Modern Car for Easy Learning

Peugeot 208, which is perfect for learning. It’s small classy design make driving comfortable for your lessons, enabling you to make manoeuvres easy. 

An Instructor that cares

I’m an instructor that cares, with a highly successful first-time pass rate, I am patient and understanding of your first lesson anxiety. 


Government Approved

Grade-A DVSA approved

Approved Driving Instructor

I’m a grade-A DVSA Qualified driving instructor ready to help you pass your driving test.




DVSA Qualified


27 Years Teaching Expereince


Sally was great to learn with, thanks to her I managed to pass my test first time. She was great at teaching me the reverse bay parking, the one thing that I dreaded. 

Terry West

I’m glad I learnt with freewheel driving school, not only did I learn to drive but I had great fun with Sally. Believe me when I say this, Sally is the most patient, caring and understanding driving instructor I found. 

Gemma Haston

I can’t believe I learn so quickly, it was very easy to understand and everything was explained to me well, even when I struggled Sally would show me how to do it.

Brad Walton

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available at the weekends?

Yes, with arrangement I am available any day of the week.

What areas do you cover?

Freewheel driving school can cover everywhere from Eastbourne to Rye and everywhere in between including Hastings and surrounding areas.

What car will my test be in?

You are welcome to use my car during your test, in fact, it is better for you to use my car as this is the car you have done your lessons in.

How many lessons will I need?

It is difficult to say how many lessons you will need, on average people need around 35/40 hours of lessons to pass first time.

What is your pass rate?

Instructors don’t have individual pass rates published. The pass rate is national and stays the same! We are graded A OR B.

I am grade-A

How are we graded?

Every so often we have to take standards checks and the score dictates your grade.

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